Historic Yorktown is an amazing time capsule that will take you back to before the days when General George Washington defeated British Commander Lord Cornwallis securing our Country’s independence from England.

Historic Segway PT Adventure Tours in Yorktown Virginia

2 Hour - "Historical" Tour - $65 P/Person

2-hour guided SegwayPT tour of Yorktown that covers the basic history during the Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil War periods. The tour will cover the waterfront area, the bluffs overlooking the river and the historic village along Main Street.

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1 Hour - “Breeze” Tour - $39 P/Person

1-hour guided SegwayPT tour that starts along the beautiful York River and continues through the historic village. We cover from the bluff near the Victory Center to the entrance of the National Park Service visitor center. On this tour, your guide will point out the significant historical sites while rolling along and enjoying the SegwayPT experience.

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Combines nature, history, and the off-road experience for all abilities. Great location for large groups or family gatherings!

Meet your guide at the front entrance to the park in the parking area.

New Segway PT Tours in New Quarter Park in Williamsburg, VA

90 Minute - Off-Road Adventure Tour -
$65 P/Person
Tours are available daily at 12:30 pm by reservation

Explore hundreds of acres that offer the perfect SegwayPT experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Ride along paved pathways, access roads, or ski through the trees on the hiking trails. Combines nature, history, and the off-road experience.

Minimum of two riders per tour.

Meet your guide at the park entrance.

New Quarter Park is Located at:

1000 Lakeshead Dr.
Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Fort Monroe Virginia has been a major post of the United States Army for over 166 years. The area has been Fortified since 1609 when Captain John Smith built Fort Algernourne on this very spot. Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort ever built in the United States. It is known as Freedoms Fortress for it's role in the "Contraband decision" that eventually resulted in the end of slavery in the United States, as well as "America's Castle" due to its huge proportions. The historic battle of the Iron Clads between the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor occurred in its adjoining waters. Tours available Daily!

Historic Segway PT Adventure Tours in Fort Monroe, VA

2 Hour - "Historical" Tour - $65 P/Person

2-hour guided SegwayPT tour of Fort Monroe that covers the basic history of the Fort from it's beginning with the early colonists to the Civil War and beyond into WWI and WWII. The tour will cover both the inside and outside areas of the Fort. Starting at the old firehouse built in 1881 we will travel through the Main Gate of Fort Monroe and journey through the vast history of Freedoms Fortress.

1 Hour - “Breeze” Tour - $39 P/Person

1-hour guided SegwayPT tour that starts at our historic 1881 Fire Station and travels directly inside the Fort. We will explore the inner fort and also the beautiful waterfront from the boardwalk and parks. On this tour, your guide will point out the significant historical sites while rolling along and enjoying the SegwayPT experience.







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Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for all tours to begin the orientation.

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Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and holidays.

SegwayPT's are available for special events and promotions, please call 757-969-5400 for details. We can accommodate large groups for parties, family reunions, and team building activities with advanced notice. Group, local, and military discounts are available, please inquire.

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